Automatic Auto Sensing

Automatic extinguish fire and alarm all nearby personnel's thus early fire is possible when fire broke out. Unattended and automatically extinguish fire when detected

Practical Simple Operation

Fire extinguisher is to be thrown directly into the fire. No Professional Training is required. No pressure base equipment with 100% fire extinguishing efficiency.

Risk Free Safe and Secure

Automatic prevention, automatic fire extinguishing and long distance throwing without any danger. Extinguishing time of 3-8 seconds, rapid fire, the effective protection of life and property.

“1st in Malaysia. Self-activate fire extinguisher. New Technology."

About Us

1st Fire Rescue Sdn Bhd is a bumiputra company based in Sarawak appointed as the sole distributor of 1st Fire Rescue Fire Extinguishers for market in the whole of Malaysia. We provide advance solutions to protect people and properties from fire and fire related hazards. We would like to introduce to your esteemed organization a new innovation 1st in its own class in Malaysia, the automatic /passive portable maintenance free fire extinguishers.

This type of fire extinguisher is widely used in Europe, Turkey, China, Indonesia and some other countries as their fire prevention tools.

The key features of 1st Fire Rescue fire extinguishers are as follows:

- Maintenance Free (up to 5 years)
- Automatic/Passive (non or minimal operating requirement)
- New innovation
- Portable (lightweight)

We have another product which is ABC Superfine Powder ( Install inside the car engine compartment which can prevent the early stage of fire 24hours 7days authomatic self activate when fire started)

Early detection and elimination of fire at its early stage is very crucial in fire cases and 1st Fire Rescue fire extinguishers are specially designed to eliminate these types of threats when strategically placed. It helps prevent injuries and minimize damage by alerting people to fire and stop the fire before they cost catastrophe.

Our point of this products is to prevent the fire spread widely and minimize the loses of property or casualty. Our products is not against any fire systems or equipment that have in the market but to achieve enhancement of fire safety for public user, commercial, industrial and etc.

Authorisation Letter from Fire Department

Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Click to view)

Fire and Rescue Department of Sarawak Malaysia (Click to view)


Mechanism of Fire Extinguisher

The three basic factors for a fire include: oxygen, temperature and combustible. To control a fire, any one of the factors shall be controlled. 1st Fire Rescue new innovative fire extinguisher extinguish a fire by controlling the above three factors at the same time.

  • Stifling: The great impact force generated after the fire extinguisher is stared causes the canter of burning pint to lack oxygen, so as to stifle and extinguish the fire.

  • Cooling: After the fire extinguisher is started, extinguishing agents are rapidly diffused onto the surface and surrounding of the combustible, which makes the temperature drop and extinguish the fire by cooling.

  • Isolating and suppressing: Through physical and chemical reaction, it can separate the inflammable matters, eject chemical flame retardant and foams to make the inflammable matters hardly combustible, thus reduce the inflammable area, and prevent the fire.

Product Certification

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China-National-Accreditation-Service for-Conformity-Assessment-2

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