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Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishing device

Foaming agent temperature resistant

Filling amount:1L/4L

Extinguishing agent:Foaming agent

Start Time:≤3s

Pressure:No Pressure

Maintenance period: 3 years

Proper temperature :-20℃~+70℃(Temperature resistant)

Scope of application:Solid, liquid, alcohol and oil blends, gases, and some metal fires

Core Advantages

Product Features

  • With active prevention, it can be started to extinguish the fire once coming into contact with fire.
  • It can be started 3-5 seconds after coming into contact with fire, which can nip the fire in the bud.

  • With a fast speed of extinguishing capability is 5-6 time that of common portable fire extinguisher.
  • With easy installation, it can be very conveniently fixed at the area to prevent fire.
  • Maintenance free, more economic.
  • Environment friendly, energy saving and pollution free, it contains no poisonous, hazardous and corrosive contents and won’t cause secondary pollution to the equipment.

  • With a broad scope of application, it can be used for prevention and extinguishing of class A, B, C and E fires.

Use method

  • It can be directly cast into the combustion source.
  • Directly be installed at the position where a fire might occur.
  • Be used for arranging fire isolation strips with each strip about 2-3 meters.

Working Principle

Combustion is a phenomenon in which combustibles reach a flash point under aerobic conditions. Fire extinguishing in the traditonal sense is usually to control one of the elements. For example, the common fire water gun extinguishes the fire. In fact, it controls the temperature of the combustibles and lowers the temperature below the ignition point. The 1st Fire Rescue Extinguishing device achieves high-efficiency fire extinguishing by controlling 3 elements at the same time:

  • Asphyxia – The large impact force generated after the start of the initiator causes rapid deoxygenation in the center of the ignition point.

  • Cool Down – Extinguishing agents rapidly reduce temperature through physical and chemical action.

  • Isolation – Extinguishing agents spreads to and around the surface of the combustible material to achieve isolation in hibition.


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