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Temperature sensing self-starting fire extinguishing device

ABC Superfine Powder

Filling amount: 0.15kg

Extinguishing agent: ABC ultrafine dry powder

Start-up time: ≤3s

Pressure: no internal pressure

Maintenance period: 5 years

Applicable temperature: -40 ° C ~ +90 ° C

Extinguishing range: electrical equipment, enclosed space fire

Scope of application: factory, distribution motor room, cable tunnel, communication base station, ship, subway, underground tunnel, vehicle engine compartment, etc.

Core Advantages

ABC superfine powder adopted aerosol fire extinguishing agent. The fire extinguishing agent is micro sized, fast scattering, good liquidity, good resurgence resistance and electrical insulating, which can be used for total flooding fire extinguishing in a relatively confined space, and can also be used for partial protective automatic fire in the open spaces. High efficient fire extinguishing, no toxin, no corrosive, easy to clean, green environmental protection.

The solid gas conversion principle is adopted. After it is activated, the solid gas agent produces a large number of inert gas to drive the powder fire extinguishing agent for high-speed injection and to put out the fire rapidly. No pressure storage, no pipe network, easy to install, maintenance free and long service life.

The fire extinguishing device is designed and developed for factories, power distribution room, cable tunnels, hangars, the archives/ libraries/ museum, communication base stations, computer rooms, ships, subways, underground tunnels, offices, transportation tools and so on. The device is especially suitable for prevention and fire fighting in the engine compartment in vehicles.

Product Features

ABC superfine powder is type of hanging dry powder fire extinguisher device is a new generation of fire extinguisher device and has features of high quality, high efficiency, easy installation, no toxin and no pollution.

  • Initiative prevention and automatic fire extinguishing.
  • Solid-gas conversion and non-pressure storage.
  • Safe and reliable, start quickly (ignition).
  • Efficient extinguishing and stable performance.
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain.
  • Environmental friendly, energy saving, non toxin and pollution.

Use method

  • It can be directly cast into the combustion source.
  • Directly be installed at the position where a fire might occur.
  • Be used for arranging fire isolation strips with each strip about 2-3 meters.

Working Principle

Using the solid-gas conversion principle, the solid gas generating agent is activated to generate a large amount of inert gas to drive the high-speed injection of the dry powder fire extinguishing agent, thereby achieving the effect of high-efficiency fire extinguishing. The built-in ABC ultrafine dry powder has small particle size, fast dispersion, good fluidity and resistance to re-ignition and electrical insulation.


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