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Aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device

Aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device

Filling capacity: 150g/30g

Extinguishing agent: aerosol

Start-up time: ≤3s

Pressure: no internal pressure

Maintenance period: 5 years

Applicable temperature: -40 ° C ~ +70 ° C

Extinguishing range: electrical, solid surface, liquid fire

Working Principle

The hot aerosol fire extinguishing gas generating agent is normally stored as a solid, and after being activated by electricity (heat), the chemical reaction generates a smoke like extinguishing gas. The fire extinghuishing gas is released to the protection zone to form a full flooding state of the fire extinguishing gas and finally the fire is extinguished by destroying the combustion chain reaction. After the fire extinguishing is completed, the fire extinguishing gas can be dissipated by normal ventilation.

Core Advantages


Distribution Cabinet

The installation of aerosol fire-fighting products can very well kill our indiscriminate power distribution cabinet fires in the bud.

Communication base station

With the increasing automation of communication equipment, the computer room has become the hub of modern communication, and its safety work has become a top priority. In the event of a fire, the entire communication network will be paralyzed, causing huge property losses and social impact.

Cable well, cable trench narrow space

The cable is on fire and often causes a fire. It not only directly burns a large number of expensive cables and other electrical equipment, but also has a long and difficult recovery period.

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