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In recent years, with the continuous development of China’s economy, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, urban community construction has developed rapidly, and a community service system has been initially established. At the same time, some social functions separated from the government and enterprises are transferred to the community. Due to the small number of community workers, limited energy, and large fire safety hazards, the community fire protection infrastructure construction and fire self-management level have not been developed in time, resulting in high levels of community fires. According to statistics, community fires in China account for about 40% of the total number of fires. Therefore, doing a good job in community fire protection and improving the community fire safety environment will not only ensure the improvement of community prevention capabilities, but also play a very important role in establishing a community fire safety prevention and control system.

Malpractice of community status

• Insufficient understanding of the importance of fire fighting

• The fire protection organization system is not perfect

• Unclear responsibility

• Insufficient investment in fire protection

• Insufficient fire extinguishing facilities

• Serious losses and long repair time


In view of the many difficulties and problems existing in the current community fire protection work, the countermeasures for community fire protection work are: strengthen fire prevention publicity and education, improve community fire safety awareness; improve organization and clear responsibilities; increase community firefighting funding input, improve fire extinguishing facilities Improve the construction of community fire protection infrastructure according to local conditions.

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Mechanism of Fire Extinguisher

The three basic factors for a fire include: oxygentemperature and combustible. To control a fire, any one of the factors shall be controlled. 1st Fire Rescue new innovative fire extinguisher extinguish a fire by controlling the above three factors at the same time.

  • Stifling: The great impact force generated after the fire extinguisher is stared causes the canter of burning pint to lack oxygen, so as to stifle and extinguish the fire.

  • Cooling: After the fire extinguisher is started, extinguishing agents are rapidly diffused onto the surface and surrounding of the combustible, which makes the temperature drop and extinguish the fire by cooling.

  • Isolating and suppressing: Through physical and chemical reaction, it can separate the inflammable matters, eject chemical flame retardant and foams to make the inflammable matters hardly combustible, thus reduce the inflammable area, and prevent the fire.


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