The case is happened in Lasa city, Xizang province in Sep 17th., 2017

According to the house owner, the fire started when she was making a food. She tried to get help from the security guard that was working that day, however it didn’t work even though the security guard were using four pieces carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishing cylinders to put out the fire and the fire spread to the ceiling.

One of our customer that happened live nearby, has put one piece 4Liter foam fire extinguishing installation immediately to the fire, the product is start automatic , and the fire was put out instantly.


据房主说,当她做食物时,火开始了。 她试图从当天工作的保安人员那里得到帮助,尽管安全警卫正在使用4,但是它没有奏效