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Hanging Dry Powder Extinguishing Device

Hanging dry powder extinguishing device

Filling capacity : 5kg

Effective protection space : 42m3

Injecting time : <5s

Applicable temperature: -45 C ~ + 70C

Shelf Life: 6 (years)

Core Advantages

Hanging dry powder extinguishing device, is hanging and pulse hanging in the traditional storage pressure ultrafine powder extinguishing equipment developed on the basis of a new generation of fire extinguishing installation, it combines the advantage of two kinds of products, with solid gas conversion to promote gas agent trigger device successfully settled into storage pressure leakage pressure and the pulse noise and shock wave problem.

It is suitable for factories, wind power engine room, power distribution room, cable tunnel, large warehouse, communication base station, microcomputer room, ship, subway, tunnel, office and other places in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, tobacco, transportation, communication, communication and other industrie and suitable for places with explosion-proof requirements.

Product Features

  • The company produces suspended dry powder fire-extinguishing device using ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent. Due to its small particle size, good fluidity and ability to suspend in the air for a certain period of time, the ultrafine dry powder can not only be applied to completely submerged automatic fire extinguishing in relatively closed space but also can be applied to protect local automatic fire extinguishing in open places.

  • Easy to install and use: The ultra-fine powder automatic fire extinguishing device is easy to install, with a small amount of work, so there is no need to punch through the wall and install a large number of pipes and auxiliary facilities. Simply suspend the device above the projected object. Basically free of maintenance during use, the service life reaches 6 years.

  • Produce gas fire extinguishing device in solid agent was instantly activated, stable gas agent in fire extinguishing installation, regular transformation gas in the implementation, to generate the high pressure gas such as C02, H202 N2, is will be converted to storage pressure characteristics after injection, to drive the ultrafine dry powder spray gas way into the fire, no explosion sound and shock wave and other secondary disasters.

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